Saturday, March 03, 2007

Brain Waves and Ocean Waves

Just read a wonderful article on the BBC Science website on experimental Sea Wave power plants. Proponents of clean energy have long seen the oceans as a great hope for the future. Ocean waves carry tremendous power, and could, in theory at least, provide much of the world's electricity.

Brain Waves are different. You can't see them. Brain waves happen in the head. They are so precious that nature has them protected by the "brain box" of the skull. And brain waves don't move!

Which reminds me of the children's joke "What turns without moving?"

And they don't move because they are electrical. Brain Waves are surges of electrical activity which rise and fall perpetually. Until you die. No brain waves = brain dead.

If ocean waves carry tremendous power just think of what we could do if we could harness the power of the ceaseless surges of creative power in our heads?

And suppose instead of chaotic surging where much energy is wasted our thoughts and our brainwaves were in step with each other?

What then? What power would be revealed and what new ability would be found?